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Dr. Duffy is an acclaimed patient experience leader and the Chief Executive Officer at ExperiaHealth

Years ago, one of my mentors said to me 20% of healing is linked to our technology and tools, the other 80% is something else—it’s the human to human connections, the physical environment, and spirituality. Two decades into my medical career and the technological leaps have been startling. But the other 80% of healing hasn’t fared nearly as well. Regulatory requirements have doctors and nurses asking questions and taking steps purely for the purposes of checking a box.  The business environment has pushed clinicians to constantly work faster and smarter and more profitably. Caught in the middle, the once-sacred physician-patient and nurse-patient relationships have suffered.

Finally, after two decades of leading the work to humanize the delivery of medical technology, there is now a focus on patient experience- largely due to the government mandating that hospitals measure patient satisfaction (HCAHPS), publically report the results, and link reimbursement to the scores.  Healthcare organizations must improve the patient experience.

But how?


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Gallup Management Journal- A recent article from Gallup (GMJ) asks and answers a number of the questions central to the patient experience. What is it? What is it worth? And how can it be improved. The piece is a quick and compelling read. Here’s a snippet:

“Engaged patients are the kind of patients that healthcare organizations want: Gallup’s research shows that patient engagement consistently predicts hospital performance on an array of crucial business outcomes, including EBITA per adjusted admission and net revenue per adjusted admission.”

Our Take: There has been a lot written on this blog about how hospitals and other healthcare organizations often need to see an ROI on the patient experience before they are ready to act. This article answers those questions. The GMJ quote above hits the nail on the head. Improving the patient experience, driving patient engagement- leads to improved financial performance. This has long been the right thing to do on behalf of patients. Now it’s just the fiscally bright thing to do. We’ll have more takes on this issue all week.

For more information from the Gallup Management Journal, Google the words ‘Gallup Patient Experience.’

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Dr. James Merlino, Cleveland Clinic Chief Experience Officer

The patient experience is the right thing to do, and a business necessity. But improving it is not necessarily easy.

The fact is, large medical centers are at a real disadvantage when it comes to performing well on HCAHPS. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) do not discriminate or differentiate the scores of small community hospitals from those of large academic tertiary care referral centers. They look at everybody with the same glasses, under the thinking that patients at all locations deserve the same level of service.

In terms of HCAHPS reporting by CMS, a rural hospital with 30 beds is rated the same as Cleveland Clinic’s 1,200 bed main campus. Clearly all patients deserve great care and great caring. But providing great service at a place with 30 beds is one challenge, and providing great service at a place that is 40 time larger is a significantly more complicated task.


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